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Nation’s Only Pain Center To Get Injured Workers Back To Work Without Surgery Or Narcotics

Save $100K Per Injured Worker By Treating At Advanced Interventional Pain Center

– Highly Individualized, Minimally Invasive Treatments

– Back to Work at the Earliest Vs. All Other Comparable Treatments!

– Discharge Workers With The Lowest MMI/PI as They Will Have the Best Pain Relief and Maximal Improvement in Function!

ADVANCED INTERVENTIONAL PAIN CENTER avoids expensive treatment patterns that are not cost effective in back injury and result in disability claims such as:

  • Referral to multiple specialists
  • Expensive MRI films are ordered before clinical diagnosis.
  • A Neurologist may order further studies such as EMG or nerve conduction studies.
  • A surgeon may decide that surgery is needed based on the MRI results.
  • Physiotherapy referrals may be given when the patient with a lot of pain is bound to fail this treatment.
  • Narcotic pain medications are prescribed in the meanwhile to mask the pain during physiotherapy.
  • Sometimes referral for epidural injections are done through a pain specialist.
  • Patient is still in pain after 1 day pain relief because EPIDURAL INJECTIONS ARE NOT INDICATED IN MOST CASES.
  • Finally a surgical option is given.
  • Patient undergoes surgery (less than 50% success in most cases), becomes disabled.  Loss of pay, loss of productivity, loss to industry in thousands of dollars.
  • Patient may become permanently disabled with “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome” with no pain relief whatsoever resulting in a disability claim. END RESULT: LOSS OF THOUSANDS OF HEALTHCARE DOLLARS AND A DISABLED WORKER