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    • 30 DEC 15
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    AIPC Real Example of Non-Laser Treatment

    AIPC Real Case Example of A Non Laser Treatment: Individual Results Will Vary, Not All Cases Of Disk Herniation May Resolve As Above AIPC Real Case Example of A Non Laser Treatment: Patient With Multiple Failed Back Surgery and Failed Spinal Cord Stimulator. Individual Results Will Vary
    • 01 DEC 15
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    99 Year Old Patient Treated Severe Leg Pain with Dr. Srini’s Pain Treatment

    When the 99 year old patient came back to Dr. Srini’s clinic 2 weeks after she was treated for severe leg pain, she surprised everyone. She was dressed like a 20 year old celebrating her new found life. Her leg that was hurting for several years was suddenly pain free. Dr. Srini cites this case

    • 01 NOV 15
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    AIPC Patient gets permanent pain relief from Shingles (Post Herpetic Neuralgia)

    “I had severe pain from Shingles resulting in Post Herpetic Neuralgia. Pain would just not go away with any medications. I am extremely pleased and delighted that my pain completely vanished with just one treatment from Dr. Srini. I recommend Advanced Interventional Pain Center for pain treatments that really work!”…….. Gladys Ashcraft (Kokomo, IN) after

    • 15 OCT 15
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    Permanent Pain Relief from Vascular Pain Without Surgery

    Pattanam Srinivasan, M.D. Clinical Director, Advanced Interventional Pain Center Pain that results because of inadequate blood supply or absent blood supply is called vascular pain. In most cases this will present as leg and foot pain. The feet hurt as soon as one would start walking. Any exercise requires additional oxygen to the exercising organ

    • 01 OCT 15
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    Q: Patients Treated at Advanced Interventional Pain Center Can Expect to A. Get Long Term Pain Relief. B. Get Permanent Pain Relief. C. Avoid Addictive Pain Pills and Patches. D. Avoid or Postpone Surgery. E. All of the Above.     Who wants to be Pain Free? Right Answer ‘E’ only at Advanced Interventional Pain

    • 15 SEP 15
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    Long Term Pain Relief in Multi-joint Arthritis

    When more than two joints become painful, the condition is often referred as multi-joint arthritis. Unlike common perception that joint pain is frequently associated with large joints such as the hip, shoulder or the knees, a number of smaller joints can also be a frequent cause of pain. Our Back has a number of small

    • 01 SEP 15
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    Innovative Pain Treatments Could Provide Permanent Pain Relief

    Permanent Pain Relief? Is this possible? Yes! Defying all treatment statistics and published literature at Advanced Interventional Pain Center, four pain conditions which are still thought to be recurrent and incurable have responded to innovative minimally invasive pain treatments resulting in permanent pain relief. These include: Post Herpetic Neuralgia, a condition frequently troubling the elderly