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Treat Pain From Auto Injury

Quickly & Efficiently

Ensure Faster Settlements with
Advanced Interventional Pain Center’s Pain Treatment Program

Advanced Interventional Pain Center does the following:

  1. A Comprehensive Clinical Exam.
  2. Determine the Correct Location of Pain.
  3. Provide a Non-narcotic Treatment Plan to Eradicate the Pain.
  4. Provide a Comprehensive Report on How the Auto Impact was Responsible for Causing the Pain.
  5. Work with your Legal Counsel and Auto Insurance Provider to Ensure Payment for your Medical Care and other Monetary Settlements.
Efficient Ultrasound Imaging to Demonstrate Soft Tissue injury in Fender Bender accidents
Fender bender injury in a patient with back pain.
Inflammatory fluid collection causing the back pain
is seen near the spine using ultrasound imaging.
Soſt tissue injuries are oſten missed on X-ray imaging.
Fast Pain Relief and Quick Improvement in Function with Cutting Edge LILA® Laser Treatments
Minimally invasive LILA® laser treatments resolve high impact auto injury pain within 2-3 visits. No drugs and no anesthetics.
(LILA® is NOT FDA approved at this time)
Resolve your Pain Problems without
Narcotic Medications and
Settle your Case with Confidence
Unresolved pain is oſten a reason for
auto injury cases to prolong indefinitely. Advanced
Interventional Pain Center resolves pain quickly
Facilitating early settlements.