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Pattanam Srinivasan, MD

Dr. Srinivasan is the inventor of the LILA® technology and the founder of Advanced Interventional Pain Center.

Dr. Srinivasan grew up in India, where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. He later obtained a competitive 7 year scholarship to study Medicine in a Russian medical school. After graduating with a medical degree from the former Soviet Union, he briefly worked as an intern in India and as a medical assistant in the UK before coming to US for residency training. He graduated as an Anesthesiologist from the University of Washington regarded as the birthplace of multidisciplinary Pain Medicine. In 2003, Dr. Srinivasan joined St. Vincent’s Frankfort Hospital in Indiana where he established an interventional pain center. In 2005, he founded Advanced Interventional Pain Center which produced outstanding treatment success rates of 90% or above in a variety of pain conditions (the national and international success rates for pain treatments are around 50% or less). During the same year, the Department of Justice and Homeland Security found Dr. Srinivasan’s contributions to be in the national interests, recognizing him as a pain physician with ‘an exceptional ability’.

Dr. Srinivasan is a

Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology

Diplomate of the American Board of Pain Medicine

Specialist in Laser Medical Devices

Specialist in Laser Pain Treatments

Dr. Srinivasan’s passion for treating pain using minimally invasive techniques without causing any adverse effects made him conceptualize the LILA® technology in 2007. The first patient was treated in 2009 for back pain due to a failed back surgery. Since then over 100 patients have been treated. The first patient treated in 2009 continues to remain free of back pain, well over 4 years since he was first treated.

Starting from day 1, the LILA® technology has shown to possess remarkable effects. LILA® has provided pain relief and functional improvementin humans withdrug dependent pain conditions, successfully eliminating the need for pain medications after the treatments. In animals, a similar effect has been observed, where dogs with painful arthritis treated with LILA® did not require pain medications and had improved gait. “The nonexistence of a similar technologymakes LILA® the holy grail of pain medicine,” says Dr. Srinivasan. He believes that the LILA® technology can solve the pain crisis and opioid dependency our nation and rest of the world is facing today. Dr. Srinivasan notes, “there are innumerable patients who suffer in pain everyday but have no effective treatment options except to depend on addictive medications. LILA® may just be their light at the end of the tunnel.”

Dr. Srinivasan is currently working with the faculty at University of Texas Health Sciences Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Purdue Veterinary college to explore LILA® technology’s unique properties. The LILA® technology other than relieving pain can also accelerate wound healing, reduce muscle rigidity and improve peripheral neuropathy.


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